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Commercial Air Conditioning Winnetka

Should it be a bank, hospital, School or small office we have air-conditioning solutions and repair teams just waiting to help you out. We understand that every building in Winnetka will have a different air conditioning system due to age of the place or old models getting upgraded for new ones so you never need to worry that our techs won’t know what type of system you have. We are familiar with every model imaginable, which is a fair amount of systems.

Most Commercial systems are vent and ducts so that means you have one main hub where most of the external air conditioning units are kept. That makes our life easier because we can access this unit and cause no disruption to your staff members or clientele. Most of the time is will be something simple that needs fixing and we will get it working very quickly. Should it be something more troubling we will notify you straight away and pull an all nighter if we have to get the job done so you can get back to business as usual.

What we suggest is should you have a commercial system that you get it maintained on a regular basis, our company provides this service and we will make sure that AC or heater unit keeps going to save you money in the future.

These are some things to look for with a faulty HVAC system.

  • Loss of performance
  • Bad musty odors in the air
  • Lack of good airflow
  • Electric bill increased
  • Leaking water or water spots in the ceiling tiles
  • Dust films appearing on everything from the vents

If you have encountered any of the following there is a good chance you need some maintenance on that Air conditioning unit. If you pick up the phone and give one of our staff members a call we will schedule a maintenance visit to clean the system and get it working back to rate of perfect efficiency again.

If you have any additional questions about our Air conditioning or heater units then please don’t hesitate, feel free to call us and one of our staff members will get back to you with some great advice on how to help you out.

Our Services

  • Cassette air conditioning systems
  • VRV-VRF Air conditioning Systems
  • Wall mounted AC Units
  • Floor Mounted AC Units
  • Ducted HVAC Systems
  • Full install and repair
  • Maintenance service and repair

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Mel Coen

I came in to my office and the temperature was that comparable to a sauna, I called Air Conditioning Winnetka and found them prompt in getting out to me and stealth in getting the problem fixed without disrupting my staff.

Sally Hawkins

We moved in to a new house and found the heating and ac system to be barley working, we decided to upgrade and get a new system installed. Air Conditioning Winnetka did a fantastic job of installing the system at the best price around, thank you.

Dean Radcliff

When my heating unit decided to pack in I was shaking my head thinking how much is this going to cost me, one of the team members from Air Conditioning Winnetka showed up and gave it the look over and said you are in luck it’s just a small part you need. To sum it up the price to fix the problem was very cheap and my heating was back on in no time.

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